Don't throw garbage


The Leave No Trace element here is obvious; as professional campers we aren't careless and know to be responsible for our own garbage and dispose of it properly. However, I also read this one as don't talk trash or throw our words around like carless campers do garbage. Careless communication can be a subjective hazard.

If not called out as garbage, bad information, imbedded in a thought process may influence ideas. This is known as Information Cascade. Sometimes group members may offer information that may look analytical, but is really garbage based on personal choices (Mind-Set-Bias) Accepting plausible but unproven information as the basis of a decision (Unproven Assumption Bias)

On occasion, team members may offer greater detail in the particular presentation of their communication, placing emphasis on that evidence (which could be garbage). Lastly, sometimes team members will offer garbage communication because they want to be accepted by the group (Acceptance Bias)


I encouraged participants  to be responsible for the interpersonal 'basura' they create. Much as we are learning to reengineer our waste in valuable commodities (i.e. pvc into fleece) we must learn to re-engineer our gut reaction trash talk and turn into productive and valuable feedback