Bumps and dips aead


On the path of travel there will be obstacles. Cliché? Yes, but these axle-wrenching speed bumps are not all created equal. Due to some variance in municipal codes, speed bumps can vary in their height. It is often a surprising reminder that you have made a decision based on past experience and not data-drawn from observation. This decision making trap is known as "consistency bias." Making choices consistent with an earlier decision, despite evidence suggestion a different choice may be better.

If you catch yourself in on top a "speed bump" that has snuck up on you, you may hit the brakes and maintain your suspension which will jostle you dramatically. But if you pump the brakes and then just before passing the bump accelerate you will be lifted over the obstacle with less rattling. This is congruent with our occasional need to speed-up as opposed to to slow-down when the elements have forced our hand. 


Even if the decision isn’t ideal you may need to accept that it’s the best under the circumstances and move forward without hesitation.