Better late than never.


Schedule pressure is one of the most pressing and common subjective hazards in decision-making.

 "Summit fever can afflict any outdoor leader or participant on adventure-education courses. And it can lead to trouble.Toward the end of a trip or a long day, you may be “smelling the barn.” You’re eager to get there and unwind. You’re almost there, so you push a little harder, move a little faster, allow your group to spread out, let down your guard and potentially make a mistake." 

This sign appeared to me on morning, in the hazy four o'clock weather check customary to sea kayaking experiences in Baja.

We had been stuck on the same beach for 6 nights. El Norte's winds had pinned us down on a sandy bluff that had driven us to insandity. Low on food and water, a student stated, "I'm not sure if the waves are getting smaller or I'm just wanting to go more." This sign highlights the subjective hazards such as schedule pressure. Being mindful about your underlying motivation to move faster or get to your vehicle can help you recognize that it could be dangerous.


"Better late than never" is a good prescriptive or preemptive mantra for a team that sets a fast pace hiking, seems to be overly encouraged by extrinsic motivators.