Dangerous Curves


Baja 1 is filled with dangerous curves, the type of curves that the driver cannot see the road ahead because it disappears beyond a cliff or drops out of sight. While driving I have noticed that there is no correlation between curves marked dangerous and unmarked curves...often the most dangerous are the ones that are not marked.

This is also known as Familiarity Bias: Believing a familiar situation is safe or controllable and ignoring evidence that this situation is different

Another observation is that the ability to take a turn is predicated on the vehicle I am currently driving. Not one I have driven before or the vehicle that a driver ahead of me is operating. This is known as Social Proof:  Assuming that because others did it, it’s a good choice.

When driving my 1989 Toyota Pickup loaded down by kayaks and powered by a wimpy 4cylinder engine it is also a reminder that I can't take the turn that at the speed that the gigantic semi-truck behind me would like! (Acceptance Bias)