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While driving the one thousand mile journey that is Baja’s Highway one, I saw this blank sign. In my road-weariness , I made the connection between the emptiness of this sign and some poor risk management recent wilderness expeditions.

The term "Risk Management" can be empty to our participants. It can conjure up thoughts of insurance or compliance activities that have a very limited, historical focus on minimizing known risks. 

"Risk Mindfulness" is forward-looking and integrative. Rather than seeking to minimize or eliminate risk altogether, Risk Mindfulness supports the notion that building habits of awareness can help improve our observation of ourselves and the environment around us.

Mindfulness is paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the moment and without judgement. 

Can developing a habit of Risk Mindfulness minimize and mitigate accident?

While the emphasis on metaphor and mindfulness is my own, I rely heavily on the NOLS publication: "Risk Management for Outdoor Leaders A Practical Guide for Managing Risk Through Leadership." Footnotes to come...